American Justice Reentry and Rehabilitation (AJRR)  An Approved 501C3 Organization

1. Financial Instituitions 

2. Product Manufacturing Industries

3. Service Industries

1. The Department of Correction Reentry program (Federal, State & County)

2.The Judicial System
3. State and County Police Department
4. State and County level Reentry Initiatives


1. Religious Community Centers 

Michelle Iris Hall
Her background in social media helps us reach people one tweet at at time.

Rhodasia Dabney
Forensic Psychology with a passion to change lives and build a safe community.

Wale Adeogun
A Naval Officer with the United States Navy makes sure we're where people need us.

Prosper Aideyan
A Licensed professional engineer who helps mentor individuals with 90% success rate to meeting educational goals .


We owe our communities as well as the business that continues to sustain our ways of living, hence we continue to promote our partners community awareness program.


We believe that we are all beings associated with a believe system, and we strive to connect back with that, which is believed in.


It is our commitment to support the governments program to success thereby aligning our objectives to fit the federaal and state statutes.

our Volunteers