Welcome to the self service portal.This portal gives you a snapshot of our solution processes. The steps showcase each step we take every of our clients through. Do keep in mind that each case is unique to itself and we treat each and everyone with respect without regards to race, gender or criminal record. This is a 100% at will program that utilizes Think for a Change as its core curriculum, to help support the transition of each of our clients back to the community. We promote a positive outlook from our culture to each of every lives, we touch to ensure that a return to the community yields a positive outcome to returning citizens and to the community they return to. Please feel free to follow each of the steps. Each step must be completed in order top down. We all need a helping hand at some point in life and asking can be challenging! We therefore want to thank you for taking this first step, welcome back, and thank you for allowing us to help guide you back!

Our End to End Engagement Process

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American Justice Reentry and Rehabilitation (AJRR)  An Approved 501C3 Organization